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God's Metalheads

Community for Christians who love hard music

Christian Metal Lovers
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This is a community for all Christians that are fans of heavy or hard music. We are dedicated to sharing the great love we have for our Lord Jesus, as well as the love we have for our music. We want this to be a fun, open community, so here are a few rules.

Basic Rules:

-No putting down other people in the community. You can share your opinions on bands, music, and whatnot, but try to keep this community free of any hostility.

-No profanity or vile language. The bible talks about using unwholesome talk and we don't want to encourage any of that. If you're not sure a word or statement is acceptable, it's probably better not to be used at all. Also, keep your subject matters in check.

-No gossipping. We want this community to be gossip-free. If you have some information on a band that you want to share, be sure to have a source to back up what you are saying.

-Be positive and loving. To make this community a fun place for everyone, be sure to let your light shine. Even if we differ in opinions or taste in music, we don't want to cause divisions, so be sure to keep each other accountable :).